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Welcome to the Donation Page of
26.2 miles 26.20 dollars

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Join me in my efforts to support Huntsman Cancer Foundation!

On October 6th I will be running the St. George Marathon, my third marathon. This was a race that I've been looking forward to since last October. This was intended to be my first marathon, but since I got the running bug, I didn't want to wait until October and ran my first marathon in July. But, it's still a race I am excited about running!

Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I wanted to fundraise while I prepare and run the race. The goal is simple. I am committed to running the 26.2 miles and in return I ask for a donation of $26.20 (a dollar a mile) from you. All donations go to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, where my Mom, a breast cancer patient, gets her treatments.

To donate your $26.20 simply visit this link and make your donation with any major credit card. All donations are processed by the Huntsman Cancer Institute and are tax deductible.

If you are running a marathon in October please feel free to ask your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest friends to donate to this campaign.

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